New Year’s Eve in the First Place in the World in 2011

Kiribati is generally decided to be the first place in the world to see 2011. Kiribati, a place situated at the half distance from Hawaii and Australia, is made up from 32 islands and it is situated right on the meridian and this is why scientists considered this is the reference point in calculating time zones. People living in Kiribati consider that the new year’s arrival is a good reason for the soul purification. This is why most people there stop during the celebration of the New Year’s Eve to pray to have a better year. In Kiribati, the first place to see 2011, the New Year’s Eve doesn’t end once the morning has begun, but on the first and second day of the year. The 103.000 inhabitants usually spend these two days going to a picnic or swimming.

First New Year Celebration in 2011
First New Year Celebration in 2011
Once with this zone, the whole world begins a new year. New Zealand is basically isolated from a geographical point of view. Its most closest neighbor is Australia, situated at a 2000 km distance North-West, and the most closest territories are Antarctica at South and Fidgi and Tonga islands, in the North. The last people to spend the New Year’s Eve in the world are the inhabitants in American Samoa.


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