New Year’s Eve Destinations for 2013

New Year around the world is a celebration widely long awaited by everyone. Very many people wait anxiously for 12 o’clock midnight, when all fireworks light the sky, champagne is poured into glasses, all the people wish one another “Happy New Year!” and make wishes for the whole year to come. In addition to these, a memorable destination makes new year party unforgettable. Some of the most popular destinations for New Year’s Eve 2013 are Nevada, in US, Prague - for those who simply enjoy fireworks. Beware the low temperatures and take warm clothes with you. In the opposite direction, Sydney is another unique and unforgettable place for party animals. If you want to blend in, then wear black clothes, this is the local color for social Sydney inhabitants. Do you like casinos? Well, this is not an issue if your answer is ‘no’. Las Vegas is also a very popular destination for New Year’s Eve 2013 because here tequila and lime juice are poured everywhere. You can choose from two different locations to spend New Year’s Eve – Strip and Fremont Experience. Both might become very crowded, but this is it, it’s New Year’s Eve. In Holland, Amsterdam, people can enjoy the fireworks show and performances in Nieuwmarkt.

New Years Eve Destinations for 2013 - Source
New Years Eve Destinations for 2013 – Source

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