Spending New Year’s Eve Across The World

New Year’s Eve has just passed, a moment of resolutions, hopes, and very many ideas to put into practice in the year to come. This is a special moment for all the people in the world, no matter nationality, religion, political beliefs, gender or age. There are very many habits countries stick to in order to bring them good luck in the year to follow. It is a very good idea to try some of these habits right in the country where these are very much kept.

First of all, book a cheap flight to any country in the world because rates are very good, not only during winter holidays! For instance, take an international flight to Spain and see that on New Year’s Eve it is good to eat as many grapes as the months in the year to come. These match 12 wishes you can make for 2012. In Holland, another European coountry , fireworks are a must, as they last from night till early in the morning. You must not forget that fireworks are authorized only on this occasion. In Scotland, tradition says that the first person to come into a home, must bring a gift with him. In Italy, at Neaples, New Year is long awaited by people in a special manner, which consists of throwing old belongings on the windows, which means that they want to get rid of everything, which is old. In Russia and parts of Romania, the habit is to drink champagne at midnight and to open all windows and doors, in order to allow new year to come in.

In Asia, in Japan, New Year is also called “Oshogatsu”, and families join and go together to the nearest temple in order to share sake (a traditional drink). USA loves eating peas on New Year’s Eve and this a kept habit because it is considered to bring luck both in professional and personal life. Going South, in Latin America, in countries such as Ecuador or Peru, little before New Year, people make dolls of paper or fabrics. These dolls symbolize the year that has just passed and at 12 o’clock they are burnt right in the middle of the street.

No matter where your New Year’s destination is in 2012, bear in mind, that each habit is unique and trying to stick to the local tradition is a must for a passionate traveler.

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