NASA Uars Satellite, Highly Expected to Fall on Italy

An old satellite of NASA is very likely to fall on Earth this Friday, on the 23rd of September. This satellite is as big as a bus and weighs about 5.000 kg. However, the NASA satellite is expected to autodestruct itself when it comes in contact with the atmosphere. “While much of the satellite will break into many pieces upon entering the atmosphere, all debris will not burn,” said NASA in a statement. According to the latest news and research, the remains of the satellite might fall on Italy. The falling direction of Uars, as it is called, is unknown, but it has been analysed that it might fall within 200 km, in the Northern part of Italy, where Piemonto, Venetto, Friuli and Emilia Romagna are situated. The falling speed of these pieces of Uars satellite is very high and the weights are between few grams and about 150 kg. Unfortunately, scientists will be able to estimate with a 10-20 km distance, the place of falling, but with about 40-60 minutes before the disaster. However, the locals will not be evacuated from the area, because it should be more than 20 million persons evacuated, and the risk is very low. Other negative consequences of the NASA Uars Satellite fall might be “rain mechanics”, but the risk is as well very low.

NASA Satellite
NASA Satellite

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