Mount Everest Mystery About to be Solved

Mount Everest is known to be a complex giant, however, a mountain which induces the idea of greatness, fear. This is probably because of the last 90 “mysterious” years, when very many disappearances could not be explained. Going back to 1924, the two George Mallory and Andrew “Sandy“ went in an expedition and never came back again. It still remains unknown whether the two reached the peak of Mount Everest, but one thing is sure, that one BBC team left in search of him. Many years later, in 1999, George Mallory’s body was found but the camera, with which he took photos at that time wasn’t next to him. His mate’s body, who accompanied George Mallory on Mount Everest has not been found yet, but is this will be found, together with the camera, then the mystery of Mount Everest might be finally solved. This way, history will change, because, if it is proven that the two reached the top of the mountain, then the team made up from Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, who climbed Mount Everest summit in 1953, would be the last in row to have conquest Mount Everest top.

Mount Everest Mystery - Source
Mount Everest Mystery – Source

Mount Everest Mystery About to be Solved - Source
Mount Everest Mystery About to be Solved – Source

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