Most Weird Customs and Traditions Around the World

When it comes to customs and traditions, all peoples around the world have a lot to tell about because these rituals are a trademark of families, groups, human beings in general. Some customs are, however, difficult to understand by other peoples, others are similar in most countries. Cultures have been defined by these customs during centuries and giving up these traditions would mean giving up their symbols among all human beings in the world. But, we can still build up a list of the strangest traditions and rituals in the world, because travelers have to know the customs of the place of destination very well, otherwise, they may be perceived as gate crashers.

Polterabend is a very profitable tradition in Germany, especially for manufacturers because before the wedding, the family and friends have to break all sorts of plates, toilets, except for glasses. After making this mess, the bride and groom have to clean up everything, symbolizing being together over life hardships.

Another interesting and at the same time, very weird custom is kept in North Borneo. This is a wedding tradition, too, and it consists of the prohibition for the young married couple to use the bathroom at all, no matter the reason. This strange tradition symbolizes the happy and fertile marriage the pair would have.

A rare but still a practiced weird custom is finger cutting in the Dani tribe in Indonesia. Here, female relatives must cut off one finger every time a family member dies.

There are, however, funny traditions in the world, such as monkey buffet festival. The monkey is for sure, a very lucky animal this time because local citizens buy over 3,000 kg of fruit and vegetables for monkeys to enjoy them.

Gurning is another weird tradition in the world because it is based on distorting the face. There is also a World Gurning Championship in Egremont, England, which is basically, the attempt to make the most grotesque face possible. There was a famous case of one competitor, however, who even took out his teeth in order to perform this gurning better.

Weird Traditions and Customs in the World - Source
Weird Traditions and Customs in the World – Source

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