Mister Gay Europe 2011

The Gay Official blog announces that this year, Mr. Gay Europe 2010/2011 will be held in Romania, in the Brasov county. Mr. Gay Europe 2011 will be part of a conference bearing the name “I am! And you?” – which is aimed to the Romanian gay community and implemented by Population Services International foundation in Romania. Mr. Gay Europe 2011 will take place between April, 12th and 17th, and the contest will take place on Saturday, the 16th of April at Bran Castle. Competitors from all Europe are welcome to the contest. “2010 was a tough year for Mr. Gay Europe organization, as well as for the producers.” Organizers are struggling to bring Mr. Gay Europe festival back to its original vision; young gay men from all Europe, who meet and exchange opinions and experiences, no matter good or bad, from their origin countries. The slogan for this event is similar to another high motto in Europe – “unity through diversity“, promoted by the EU. The award moment will take place at night, when you have no idea who shows up from the Dracula’s Castle.

Mister Gay Europe 2011 at Brasov, Romania
Mister Gay Europe 2011 at Brasov, Romania

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