Post written by Kate Robinson.
Mendoza is situated between Santiago in Chile and Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Tourists in Santiago love to visit Mendoza as it is easy to get between the two cities and it is the perfect opportunity to discover a little bit more of South America, and set your foot on Argentinean soil. You can easily visit the city over a weekend or a few days. Buses between Santiago and Mendoza take about 6-7 hours whereas flights take less than 1 hour. It is around 2 hours by air from Buenos Aires. If you would like to fly, I recommend Lan Chile or Aerolineas Argentinas.

So why visit Mendoza? I personally travelled to Mendoza to renew my Chilean tourist visa which was about to expire. By crossing the border and then going back into Chile, I was automatically issued with a new one. However, I was also keen on the idea of discovering Argentina.

Here are some more reasons to visit. Mendoza has a number of interesting tourist attractions, for example, Mendoza Zoo. This zoo is one of the most important in Latin America and it has 1,100 animals. It is admired for its size and variety of species. Apart from the zoo, Mendoza also has great restaurants where you can sample Argentine meat and wine.

This city is renowned for its production of olive oil and wine too. Don’t miss going on a wine tour and make sure to take home a bottle of red and olive oil. The last reason to visit Mendoza is that it promises an adventure. Its proximity to the Andes makes it an ideal destination for skiing, mountaineering, hiking, horse riding, white-water rafting, and many other daring sports.

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