Love Parade

Love Parade is the greatest techno parade in the world, one of the oldest electronic event. It approaches musical styles, such as Trance, House and Schranzt. First, Hardcore and Gabber were the main music genre at Love Parade. It was first organised in Berlin in 1989 and was repeated ever since until the summer of 2006, with an interruption between 2004-2005. Because of the mess left behind by participants, it was decided that between 2007-2011 the parade should be hosted in different cities of Germany. The number of participants increased from 150 in 1989 to 1,5 million in 1999. During all these years, over 11 million people have been participating in this parade. The second host-town after Berlin, that hosted on the 25th of August 2007 over 1.200.000 million people was Essen. The next events will take place in the following cities: Bochum (2009), Duisburg (2010) and Geselkirchen (2011). The fans of Love Parade go up and down Unter Den Linden, through Brandenburger Tor, a gate that used to divide Germany into two before 1989.

Love Parade - Berlin
Love Parade – Berlin
The name of the event is trademark. For this reason, the company in charge with this competition has to take care of advertising, such as CDs, clubs, vendors of soft drinks.Every year the parade has a motto and an anthem. For the first time, this event had the motto : “Friede, Freunde, Eierkuchen” (“Peace, friends, egg cakes”) being considered a political demonstration until 2001 to save the spendings. Afterwards, the number of teenagers who started to enjoy this kind of event doubled. In 1997, a separate group was settled that of “Hateparade”, whose target was to advertise the techno trend. In 2001, the motto of the parade was “Access Peace”, due to the 11th September, 2001 terrorist attack.

In 2004, “Love Week” was organised in some night clubs in Berlin with the motto “Fight the power”, where over 20.000 young people participated in. In 2005, because of the financial issues, the parade did not take place. After two years of pause, the parade took place in Berlin on the 15th of July, 2006 with the motto “The Love is Back”. Last year, the parade took place in Dortmund, on the 19th of July, on the B1 highway, with the motto “Highway to Love”. Love Parade is also celebrated in many other countries in the world: Tel Aviv, Viena, Mexico-City, San Francisco, Santiago de Chile and Zurich, yet Germany is considered the greatest parade-host, bearing the “Mutter Parade” (“Mother Parade”) name.

Love Parade is the place where adult exhibit their sport skimpy clothes, alternative make-up and use toys and masks. Very often, the parade is thought to be “the greatest amateur circus on earth”. As equipment is concerned, there are about 40-50 trucks usually sponsored by clubs or record labels and feature the local djs, these have the best atmosphere, hot dancers on top. Some people are just following these trucks, whereas others prefer to jump in. At the end of the demonstration there is a mix of about half an hour, just
as the one at Sensation White, called “Abschlusskundgebung”, which consists of sets of the world’s leading top DJs such as DJ Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Carl Cox, Armin Van Buuren, DJ Rush, DJ Hell, Westbam, Drum Connection, Miss Djax or Chris Liebing.

Because of the high costs it implied, in 2001, the courts ruled that the Love Parade had to be held as commercial event. This was due to the fact that in Germany, in case of a political demonstration, the government has to pay the costs of cleaning up the streets after the event. And, in the case of a commerical event, then the organizer must support all these costs which usually amount to €300,000 to €400,000.

Year Artist Title
1997 Dr. Motte and WestBam Sunshine
1998 Dr. Motte and WestBam One World One Future
1999 Dr. Motte and WestBam Music Is the Key
2000 Dr. Motte and WestBam Love Parade 2000
2001 The Love Committee You Can’t Stop Us
2002 The Love Committee Access Peace
2003 The Love Committee Love Rules
2006 WestBam & the Love Committee United States of Love
2007 WestBam & the Love Committee Love Is Everywhere (New Location)
2008 WestBam & the Love Committee Highway to Love

Berlin Love Parade
Berlin Love Parade

Love Parade 2007 Essen
Love Parade 2007 Essen

Love Parade in Berlin
Love Parade in Berlin

Love Parade Preparations in Berlin
Love Parade Preparations in Berlin

Love Parade
Love Parade

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