Incredible Hotel Transfer Services

Cheap flights are very popular as well as transfer services from the airport, such as car, shuttle or train. So, we booked an international flight and went to try all the other hotel transfer services that one does not have the chance to see and try very often. Most tourists worldwide choose to travel by plane every year. However, due to the cheaper plane tickets, many travelers choose to fly to distant airports and as a consequence, they have to book a transfer to the hotel or to the centre of the town. A transfer from the airport to the hotel is cheaper if you book it in advance and if there is at least a minimum of 4 persons who want to need such a transfer. Most cities and hotels provide their guests with cars, taxis, small buses as means of transportation for a high quality transfer service. However, stranger it might seem, there are certain hotels in the world who do not have such regular means of transportation, but transfer services consisting of helicopters, wooden boats or even parachutes!
For instance, a transfer service to and from the hotel is parachute. In Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman, tourists can choose to carry their luggage at their back and take the parachute to the hotel. Thrilling, isn’t it? What about an helicopter that takes you to the hotel? This is very true in Peninsula Hong Kong where tourists travel from Hong Kong Airport in a Aerospatiale AS355N Twin Squirrel craft to the hotel where they already make their reservation. Things are a little bit easier with the wooden sailboat in Dhoni Island, Maldives where the journey by boat to the hotel lasts for about 25 minutes. Burgh Island Hotel provides it’s guests with a very special shuttle service – the hydraulic sea tractor that takes you to the hotel in the neighbourhood.

Helicopter Hotel Transfer - Source
Helicopter Hotel Transfer – Source

Hydraulic Sea Tractor - Source
Hydraulic Sea Tractor – Source

Parachute Hotel Transfer - Source
Parachute Hotel Transfer – Source

Wooden Sailboat Hotel Transfer - Source
Wooden Sailboat Hotel Transfer – Source

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