Increased Radiation at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

The Japanese TV NHK has announced that four workers of the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, were injured after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that took place on 11th of March. The explosion at Fukushima nuclear plant tore down the walls, leaving behind only a metal frame. The official number of deaths after the earthquake that took place on Friday in Japan and the tsunami that destroyed a big part of the country yesterday, reaches 413, 784 missing and about 1,128 people were injured. However, local reports claim that more than 1,300 persons were killed in the earthquake. Because of the extraordinary damages, the Japanese authorities have declared state of emergency for five nuclear reactors because of the lack of cooling. Cesium leakages have been recently recorded, which have become a great peril for the locals and not only. The Cesium leakage was noticed at the Fukushima nuclear plant no. 1, which is situated at 250 km North from Tokyo. Because of the inability to cool the plant, it is very likely for Fukushima nuclear plant to detent nuclear fusion. However, a Tokyo Electric Power representative asserted that the nuclear fusion has not been recorded yet as they tried to get an increase in water level in order to cool down the nuclear plant.

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Increased Level of Radiation
Fukushima Nuclear Plant Increased Level of Radiation

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  1. Boldizar says:

    If there is a full meltdown, the entire West Coast of North America will have significant radiation exposure within ten days. Scary stuff.

    If they start pouring concrete, I’d start eating potassium iodide, whatever the “experts” say. Governments always tend to downplay these dangers at first.

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