Hi-Flyer (Die Welt Balloon in Berlin)

Berlin’s Hi-Flyer is a trademark, the biggest helium balloons in the world. The “Welt-Balloon” has a sort of a gondola where visitors ascend silently above Berlin. One shouldn’t worry about their safety, it ascends to about 150 metres (450 ft) but it is restrained by a cable attached to the ground. In addition, the Balloon is conducted by a pilot. The “Welt-Balloon” ‘journey’ is above Checkpoint Charlie, the Axel-Springer-Building and the Brandenburger Tor, where the 360° view is surely a breathtaking one! During summer, the Hi-Flyer schedule is on till 00:30, when the balloon is also illuminated, so a night tour together with your family or friends is the ideal choice for the end of day.

Die Welt Balloon
Die Welt Balloon
The trip lasts for about 15 minutes, including ascending and descending. The platform where the balloon is situated is a green area, similar to a park, where events can take place. The number of passengers that can take on during one tour is from 5 to 30, but this depends mainly on wind and atmospheric pressure conditions. Die Welt Balloon is situated in the neighbourhood from Checkpoint Charlie, corner of Wilhelmstraße and Zimmerstraße (by subway, get down at U2 Mohrenstraße and U6 Kochstraße). The ride is available all year-around. The Balloon is wheelchair accessible.

Some technical data concerning Die Welt Balloon are listed below:
The aircraft
Identification D-ORKA
Type of vessel manned captive balloon
Model FK 5500 / STU
Factory No. 6016
Highest point of ascent 150 m
Height in secured condition 36 m
Balloon diameter 22.5 m
Balloon surface area 1,250 m²
Diameter of gondola rotation 5.2 m
Gondola capacity max. 30 Passengers
Diameter of take-off and landing platform 9.4 m
Minimum size of location 80 x 80 m
Anchoring points 24 Each
Storm safety / anchoring points 72 Each
Weight of anchoring 200 t
Weight 10 t
Maximum tension speed 40 m/min
Main rope diameter / Steel (tenfold safety)
Gas 23 mm
Helium filling 5.500 m³

Berlin from Die Welt Balloon
Berlin from Die Welt Balloon

Die Welt Balloon by night
Die Welt Balloon by night

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