Hanukkah Christmas Market in Berlin

Jewish Museum of Berlin
Lindenstraße 9-14
10969 Berlin
The Jewish Museum in Berlin is the anual organizer of the Hanukkah Christmas Market. What is basically Hanukkah Market? The Berlin Hanukkah market sells Israelian specialties, date paste and candied fruit and also all sorts of Hanukkah lamps, mezuzots, and dreidel. However, entertainment occupies an important place in organizing Hanukkah Christmas Market in Berlin. On Sunday afternoon visitors can listen to Klezmer music and Yiddish songs. This festival lasts for eight days and it celebrates the cleaning and rededication of the temple in Jerusalem over two millennia ago.

Hanukkah Christmas Market Sweets
Hanukkah Christmas Market Sweets
Hanukkah Market is opened in the Museum’s Glass Courtyard, greeting its visitors with Jewish specialties and Hanukkah wares but also with shows, live concerts, and tours on the Jewish festivals. Gifts are not forgotten here – you can find all sorts of presents ideas here. This wide variety comes from Germany, the USA, and Israel. In the end, you can go and taste a very good coffee at the café. Hanukkah Market schedule is from 28th of November to 26th December 2010 daily from noon to six p.m. and it is closed on the 24th of December. The entrance is free of charge. Food enthusiasts will be very delighted with the Jewish specialties served at this market – Hanukkah latkes (potato pancakes), sufganiot (pancakes) and mulled wine from kosher wine are some instances of Israelian dishes, which shouldn’t be missed. So, the Jewish Market hosted by Jewish Museum Berlin welcomes everybody, wishing you “Happy Hanukkah”!

Hanukkah Christmas Market Opening in Berlin
Hanukkah Christmas Market Opening in Berlin

Hanukkah Christmas Market Berlin
Hanukkah Christmas Market Berlin

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