Grimsvotn Volcano is Erupting Now!

The most active volcano in Iceland alarmed the local authorities because of its recent eruption. Scientists claim that Grimsvotn is not something that would change flight departures, as it was the case of Eyjafjallajokull. By that time, many airports were closed and many flights were delayed or even cancelled because of the great peril created by the volcanic ash. However, the eruption of Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland is not as dangerous as Eyjafjallajokull because when Grimsvotn last erupted in November 2004, the activity lasted for a week, and volcanic ash fell as far away as mainland Europe. There was some disruption to air traffic in Iceland. Scientists say we have less to fear from Grimsvotn and if all goes well, Christmas holiday flights should be unaffected.

Most Active Volcano in Iceland Erupts - Grimsvotn
Most Active Volcano in Iceland Erupts – Grimsvotn

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