Greatest World Events in 2011

2011 was an active year worldwide, which brought very many happy but also unhappy moments, changed fates and destinies, marked the history. However, there some great world events which took place in 2011 and have to be outlined : a very important travel event was the Japan earthquake in March 2011, which led to the catastrophic tsunami. After the tragic event, Japan counted about 16,000 deaths. Japan tsunami was followed by the floods of the Passiac River, which covered many areas, and killed more tha 40 people. London was another point of fire for the 2011 events. In August, the death of a local man turned violent, and the Enlighmen started a riot. On April, 29th, the British people celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Important events, whether they are full of joy or not, 2011 brought tears of happiness but also of sadness, marking the arrival of 2012, what’s next?

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