Greatest Light Show in the World on Moscow Day

Moscow 86th birthday was celebrated with grandiosity in the Russian capital succeeding to beat the current world record in matter of light shows. The 4D lights show was projected on the main building of Moscow State University and was aimed to enter the Guinness Book. Last evening, Moscow State University became a huge 25,500-square-meter screen, where the anniversary light show was projected.
The idea to celebrate Moscow birthday in this way belonged to the author of the idea of the Summer Olympics in Sydney in 2000 and the opening and closing ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Games in 2010. The entire 4D light show was designed to create Russian masterpieces, and scenes of nature and technology on the walls of Moscow State University. The light show organised on the occasion of Moscow 864th birthday created a wide variety of images in order to enter the Guinness Book – ice, turned into a giant aquarium, a spaceport and many others that highly delighted the public. In the end, a very original event occurred when Alain Robert, “the French Spider Man,” climbed Moscow State University and starting destroying the wall of the building with a hammer during the projection of the lights.

Moscow State University 4D Light Show - Moscow Birthday - Source
Moscow State University 4D Light Show – Moscow Birthday – Source

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