Global Recession = Cheaper Travelling ?

If you plan to head to another country, you can be sure you have made a good financial decision let alone the fact that you get rid of the cold shivers. For example, the accommodation in Las Vegas can cost you up to 20% less.

The website provided the information that the average price per night for a hotel room in Vegas is now €67. That’s compared with €84 last year.

in 2008, while Lord of the Rings devotees will pay €65 a night for a Hobbit-sized hotel room in Auckland, New Zealand (where the movies were filmed) compared to €75 last year.

Recession Travel
Recession Travel

But penny pinchers should avoid Moscow and New York like the plague. The average room in those cities will set you back €238 a night in Moscow, and €216 a night in the Big Apple.

With the New Year just around the corner and plenty of people making resolutions for 2009, why not resolve to travel more in the upcoming year. While the unstable global economy may have you thinking twice before booking travel, 2009 will actually be a great year for travelers. Fewer people on the road means better deals on airfare and hotels, and Net Flights is offering a few fantastic offers on airfare, holiday packages and hotels right now that are definitely worth checking out. Save up to 70% of flights with Airline Network.

The internet has revolutionized the way information is spread and shared throughout the world, as well as being a great resource for finding some pretty incredible deals on holidays. Especially with search engines like the UK Flight Engine making it easier to compare prices on airfares and resources, which gather the latest and greatest travel deals, you have little excuse not to dust off your suitcase and pack it up.

Even if your finances won’t allow for a long trip, with Paris so close and easy to get to, maybe you’ll just have to plan to spend a little bit of springtime in Paris in 2009. If you are wondering what to eat or where to go once you arrive in the land of frogs, you can also always check out BootsnAll’s France travel guide for tips on France (like how to cuss in French and more).

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