Galactic Suite – The First Space Hotel in 2012

To the seaside, in the mountains .. or in space? This is the question holiday-makers will think about when planning their 2012 vacation. Prices are also in accordance with the services provided. The company, that is constructing the first space hotel in the world claim that this is due to open in 2012. First of all, in 2012, a one-room capsule will be flying at 450 kilometers above the Earth, at 28.000 de km/h speed, asserted Mr. Xavier Claramunt, director of Galactic Suite. He added for Reuters that while he believes there are 40,000 people on earth capable of enjoying his luxury offering, his team is still busy solving some problems.

Tourists will spend 3 days alone in space, after which, the capsule is recovered by the bearing racket. However, until then, the extraterrestrial amateurs will see the sun shining 15 times and surround the Earth every 90 minutes. This may be a utopia at the moment but this will be possible in the next years. Travelers will go 300 miles into space and experience weightlessness activities. Hundreds of people have already asked for further information and 40 have already booked a package. The Galactic Suite says that, in the future, space will become a common touristic destination. ‘It is natural to think that, in 15 years time, your child will spend the weekend in space’, the director added.

Interior Design Space Hotel 2012
Interior Design Space Hotel 2012
In the first phase, such journeys will be available only for millionaires, because of the high price: 3 million euro for 3 days above the Earth. The promise is that in the following decades, the space journey to be at hand’s reach. This is considered to be the birth of the ‘homo spaciens’. Galactic Suite is the most unconventional and innovative method of spending one’s holiday. The idea of a space hotel was issued in 2007, when the staff working for decided to initiate a flying strategy for holiday-makers. In 2012, the first tourists will be able to step in the rooms of the flying hotel in order to try a very original way of spending the vacation. In space, no one can hear you screaming because a shitty website has bloated flash and obnoxious sound. The 2012 configuration will be a three-bedroom “boutique hotel” with pods launched from individual rocket missions, then joined up in space. Claramunt says that the system is designed for modularity and expansion “based on the natural growth of a grapevine.”

First Space Hotel Interior 2012
First Space Hotel Interior 2012
The Galactic Suite Space Resort will provide rooms with view to the Earth. Rooms will be 7 meter wide and 4 meters high, they have no angle nor straight lines. Every time visitors want to eat something or just have a rest, then they would “stick”, using velcro or similar systems, to some protuberances on the sides of the room. Before embankment, tourists will be trained on a Caribbean island for 18 weeks. Here, they will learn how to live in space, and enjoy the unique experience at fullest. The journey will start with a flight at 30.000 de km/h. If guests would like to have a shower, then they will use the spa room in which bubbles of water will float around. The next issue is the toilet – “It’s the bathrooms in zero gravity that are the biggest challenge,” claims Claramunt. Tourists will have suits, with which they stick to the walls. Mr. Xavier Claramunt, architect, explained that the space shuttle will carry three rooms at a time and that up to 22 capsules will be fixed to the central nucleus.

Galactic Suite - The First Space Hotel
Galactic Suite – The First Space Hotel

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