Free Accommodation – Yes, it is true!

Indeed, free accommodation worldwide is not something impossible, not even a good joke to be told. It is as true as the sun rises East. But, first of all, there are some valuable tips to bear in mind before deciding to set off on your personal or maybe, business trip. The first tip is to advertise the place you are interested to book, for instance, publish photos and brief information about the hotel or hostel you plan to stay in, on specialized websites. After checking with that site, you are welcomed to accommodate there even for 2 weeks! Then, a second tip is to work for that respective hotel or hostel. However, working long hours a day in exchange for a room is not the best bargain you can make, so keep on going and searching for a better place. Next on the list of traveling tips in search of free accommodation is visit the hospitality websites on the Internet. What exactly are these? Are great “markets” for tourist who want free accommodation, they can choose their traveling partner, who will host the tourists for free. Another tip for lonely travelers is to look for a “station hotel“- these “hotels” are airports, bus or train stations, sometimes crowded, sometimes deserted, sometimes safe or sometimes very dangerous. However, they are a good option when you have no other alternative, and most of all – you get free accommodation! If it is warm enough outside, then free accommodation can be anywhere – so, if you like camping, then sleeping in the field might be a good choice. These are certainly some of the most used types of free accommodation all over the world. They are free, which is the most important thing, and remind you each experience.

Free Accommodation
Free Accommodation

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  1. business travel management says:

    I am willing to spend as long as the experience worth it.

  2. apartmentshr says:

    Free accommodation can be a good choise, but even a cheep one will.

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