Football World Cup 2010 in Dangerous South Africa

The Football World Championship takes place every four years is the most important competition in international soccer, organised by FIFA. 2010 is the first year when a South African country hosts such a tournament, where around 160 football teams worldwide struggle to be among the 32 in the finals. However, when considering a departure to South Africa, there are some issues one should may encounter because they may endanger the journey seriously. This is the reason South Africa is considered one the most dangerous countries in the world. One British tabloid recently warned of a “World Cup machete threat”, while stab-proof vests are being marketed online with football insignia.

Football World Cup 2010 - the FIFA World Competition
Football World Cup 2010 – the FIFA World Competition

During the world championship, that is between June 11 and July 11, more than 350.000 foreigners are expected to arrive in the area and this highlights a dangerous matter – crime rate which is increasing these days in South Africa. These killings amount even to 50 per day. Moreover, sexual crimes or drugs are very common at this time on the continent. Martin Schafer, spokesman for the embassy in Pretoria, claimed that “In the first quarter of this year, there was not one incident of a German tourist travelling to South Africa that we know of that has become the victim of violent rime. There is no one”.

Other ‘to-stay-away’ dangers in South Africa are pick-pocketing which concern mainly the new comers. Police chief Bheki Cele said South Africa now has 186 000 police for its 47 million people, compared to 140 000 police for 60 million people in Britain. The core of the crime areas are the shanytowns where more then 70 000 visitors, especially from neighbouring countries, are likely to come and stay with their families. It is thought that crime affects mainly the poorest neighbourhoods where there are few tourists and during the football tournament all the stadiums and places where tourists are accommodated will be continuously watched by policemen.

Dangerous South Africa
Dangerous South Africa

Poverty in South Africa endangers the tourists during World Cup 2010
Poverty in South Africa endangers the tourists during World Cup 2010

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