Fifa World Cup 2014 in Brazil

As previously announced, Fifa World Cup will be held in 2014 in Brazil, which is the second time in the history of world football, 60 years later after the first time this country was the host of this event. This decision was taken in 2003. Brazil is among three other countries to held the World Cup, Germany, France, Italy and then Mexico. Brazil is going to be the fifth country to have hosted the world cup two times in history as this will be the fourteenth international world cup. The Swiss football governing body announced to give the responsability to Brazil to organise the Football World Championship in 2014. This responsability consists in the major improving of infrastructure in the Brazilian transportation in four years time.

Beira - Brazil is the 2014 host of FIFA Football World Cup
Beira – Brazil is the 2014 host of FIFA Football World Cup

There have benn billions of dollars invested in order to to improve the urban transit system in the twelve host cities – Fortaleza, Natal, Curitiba, Salvador, Porto Alegre, Sao Paolo, Cuiaba, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Manaus, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro. As in the case of United States (1994), Japan (2002) or Germany (2006), organising such a great football event meant an increased tourism, a good infrastructure and a culture that has been widely spread. However, language might become a problem in Brazil in 2014.

There are not very many inhabitants who know other foreign languages, too. It is a large country so it might take quite a long time, especially to somebody who doesn’t know the places, to reach certain destinations, or cities where Fifa World Cup is held in 2014. In this respect, authorities concerned themselves to create bus corridors, subway lines, and light rail systems, where other countries, such as USA will get involved. Such a great football tournament is viewed as the most important sport event in the whole world. The anthem of Fifa World Cup 2014 is Normal em Curitiba – Rita Lee.  As the official logo of this football event is regarded, there are no statements made by FIFA.

Brazil 2014 World Cup
Brazil 2014 World Cup

FIFA Governing Body Announces the 2014 World Cup Host
FIFA Governing Body Announces the 2014 World Cup Host

World Cup 2014 - Host Cities in Brazil
World Cup 2014 – Host Cities in Brazil

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  1. Deggsie says:

    A group of lads from Dublin, Ireland are looking to travel for 10 days to Rio and catch a few games. Any tips or packages available yet?

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