Jun 16 2010

Ferrari World Theme Park opens on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi

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The breathtaking Ferrari experience will be available soon in the largest indoor theme park, situated on Yas Island, on the Eastern part of Abu Dhabi. The top destination is due to receive its guests in October 28, 2010. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the greatest theme park in the world and it occupies around 200,000 square metres and 215 feet in diameter. The entire project is designed in the style of the classic double-curve body shell of a Ferrari GT car. The Ferrari Theme Park is located between the coast and the city of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and it includes high class hotels, golf courses, shopping malls, villas, museums of Ferrari history and many more. Yas Island, where the theme park will receive its guests, is the place of the Yas Marina Circuit, where the 2010 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is also expected to take place this year in November 14th.

Ferrari Theme Park - Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
Ferrari Theme Park – Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Double Bubble Side
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Double Bubble Side

The price of the tickets has not been established yet, the organisers are waiting for the days before the grand opening in order to settle an entrance fee. In exchange for this price, visitors will entertain themselves in the 20 top attractions, such as the the world’s fastest rollercoaster, with is likely to reach a speed of 120mph and a 62 metres height above the roof. However, there will be some softer rides for children and not only. Moreover, car simulators will make you excited about the engine of a Ferrari 599. In addition, the world’s biggest theme park will have a driving school.

Top fuel dragsters will also make their Middle East debut this year at the International Drag Racing Festival, while an adrenaline-fuelled go-karting complex is on offer to those seeking to personalise their racing experience. Another option for those with a nautical frame of mind is to view the Grand Prix from your vessel moored at the iconic Yas Marina. The circuit will be the host of numerous sporting events this year, including events in the GP2 Asia Series and Australia’s legendary V8 Supercars motor racing series.
Ferrari World Greatest Logo in the World, Yas Island
Ferrari World Greatest Logo in the World, Yas Island

It is good to know some useful facts about Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi – that is the first theme park, the building is made from metal and glass designed so to reduce the desert heat, it is also the world’s largest indoor park, the Ferrari logo is 65m x 48.5m, the biggest ever made and that more than 12,370 tonnes of steel have been used to reinforce the massive structure.
If you want to accommodate yourself, then try Yas Hotel, located both on water and land looming majestically over the Yas Marina Circuit. It has a colour-changing LED shroud. The hotel will have 499 rooms and 14 restaurants and cafes. Moreover, tourists will relax in one of these high quality facilities, such as the swimming pool, gym, spa. The Yas Hotel is also just a short walk from the Yas Island Links Championship Golf Course.
Ferrari World Theme Park Project, Abu Dhabi
Ferrari World Theme Park Project, Abu Dhabi

Rollercoaster in Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi
Rollercoaster in Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Finally, Yas Island will also host the first theme park in the Middle East, where characters from Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and DC Comics are also coming in order to gather under the same roof amusement rides, gaming arcades and multiplex cinemas to create Warner Bros’ atmosphere. All these on Yas Island, which was selected as the ‘World’s Leading Tourism Development Project’ at the 2009 World Travel Awards.
Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi
Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi

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