Eating out in Barcelona

Post written by Kate Robinson.

I always find it quite difficult to find a good restaurant in Barcelona and most of my friends who live there would tend to agree. When I say a “good restaurant” I mean a place where you can enjoy a bite to eat without paying a fortune for a miserable dish. The city is very touristy and most restaurants are just out to make money. One of the things which still annoys me is that when you get your bill you may find a service charge (at least that is what I think it is called). When I was on holidays in Barcelona, it was added to my bill in a number of restaurants and when I asked what it was for, the waiter told me it was a fee for using the knives and forks, and for the “complimentary” bread on the table. Can you believe it? After doing a bit of investigating, I found what I would call good restaurants, cafes and bars. Take note if you have booked flights to Barcelona and want to eat out in a nice place.

Santa Maria

Carrer de Grau i Torras 59, Barceloneta

An Italian café/restaurant where you can enjoy sandwiches and salads or a drink while watching the sea roll in or the holidaymakers soak up the sun. My favourite drink is the Italian Spritz.

La Esquinica

Passeig Fabra i Puig 286

A great place for tapas and it is not expensive. This restaurant opens at 8 p.m. so it is a good idea to go early as it gets so busy there are queues for a table.

Casa Albert

Plaça de les Olles 4, El Borne

This is a restaurant which only attracts locals and it is cheap and cheerful. Expect to pay less than 10 euro for the three course lunch menu.

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