Early Booking Destinations for Easter Holidays in 2012

Easter will be celebrated in 2012 on the 15th of April for the Orthodox Church and on the 8th of April, for Catholics, in full spring, when the weather becomes warmer and warmer, making us dream of the perfect summer holidays, too. However, the religious celebration of Easter in 2012 draws us to make the perfect decision in choosing the perfect destination for 2012. No matter if you are in search of a weekend break or a longer stay, below you will find the best recommendations for family holidays in 2012. For instance, you can spend your Easter holidays in 2012 on one of the ABC islands – Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao, because this time of the year is the most proper to enjoy the palms, the mild temperatures and the incredible landscape, which makes your family holiday unique. Another gateaway for 2012 Easter holidays is the romantic France capital – Paris. A cruise on the Seine or long walks will make your Easter memorable. It is obvious that if you remain at home, Easter becomes a feast of dishes, all of them very appetising, however, if you choose Paris, then a picnic on the Seine banks will definetly compete with home-baked meals. Absolutely delicious and original idea! Don’t forget to take a bottle of local wine, it doesn’t matter the price – cheese and wine are very exquisite for French people. On the American continent, Easter holidays will be full of joy and light, too. For example, if you go to Washington D.C., you can admire the rebirth of nature, and this cannot be done better than admiring the pink flowers.

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