Halloween Party at Dracula’s Castle in Romania

31st of October is a worldwide celebration time for people who like to wear crazy costumes and act in a weird manner, so you should just book a cheap flight out from the entire offer of international flights and go to Romania. Halloween has been an emerging feast in very many countries, including Romania, where the tale of Count Dracula, whose was actually considered to be the same with Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), still gathers thousands of tourists a year. Most of them are interested in visiting Bran Castle, situated near Brasov county, surrounded by the spectacular hills and mountains, offering its viewers a beautiful moments. You have to go up a hill in order to visit Bran Castle from Transylvannia and pay a 20 RON entrance fee, which means about $6. Don’t forget to take your camera with you. Visitors are allowed to take as many photos as they want. Count Dracula is a real character among all people interested in finding out more about this Romanian historic figure. That is why local authorities decided to organise a Halloween Party at Dracula Castle. Flashmobs were organised, so that young people and children danced on Michael Jacksons songs, and, most important, having their faces painted in a frightening way. Bran Castle is a very interesting place to see whenever you have the occasion. Stone stairs, original pieces of furniture and a creepy atmosphere recreate the times when Vlad the Impaler ruled in this province. After you have visited Bran Castle, go to the souvenir shop because there you can buy fine wines or objects reminding of Vlad Dracula.

Bran Castle Halloween 2011 - Source getintravel.com
Bran Castle Halloween 2011 – Source getintravel.com

Bran Castle Halloween 2011
Bran Castle Halloween 2011

Bran Castle Halloween
Bran Castle Halloween

Halloween Party at Dracula's Castle
Halloween Party at Dracula

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