New Strange Discoveries in the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle or also known as Devil’s Triangle because of the great number of catastrophes that took place in this area is a place in the Atlantic Ocean between islands Bermuda Porto Rico and Florida. Many researchers have analysed this weird place and got to the conclusion that the mysterious disappearances that happened here aren’t based on logical events. However, recently, a group of researches has discovered another very strange thing. After having claimed that all the ships and airplanes disappearance was caused mainly by the presence of aliens or that the place is cursed, now it has been confirmed that there is life in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda Triangle is believed to be the home of species that are living there and more than 90% of them are bacteria, new unknown to man species. They are thought to live close to the water surface during summer and in the depths in winter. But, fortunately, they are not dangerous for human beings and for scientists they are a very interesting point to analyze due to the way of living together.
During years, hundreds of people, ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared in Bermuda Triangle. The entire area in the Atlantic Ocean is considered extremely dangerous and inexplicable. Everything started in 1945 in Bermuda Triangle, when flight no. 19, a squadron made up from 5 bomb aimers belonging to the US Army, disappeared during a common exercise. Before the radio connection to be interrupted, the crew was heard saying: “everything looks strange, even the ocean. We’re coming into white waters.”

Bermuda Triangle Strange Events - Source
Bermuda Triangle Strange Events – Source

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