Devastating Solar Storms Predicted for 2013

A sunspot has caused lately several explosions and threw in space particles. The sunspot, called by the researchers 1302, was one of the most active regions on Sun in the last six days. One of these explosions, which took place three days ago, was recorded by the radio waves around the world. Sunspots and solar storms will be very frequent natural phenomena in the following years, especially in 2013. According to the scientists, solar storms will have devastating consequences upon the Earth. In late 2012, a series of high intensity solar explosions are likely to occur. During the solar storm, the Sun temperature will overcome 5.500 degrees Celsius. The solar activity unfolds in medium time cycles, which last for about 11 years and which determine climatic changes on Earth. The Sun is situated at the end of one cycle of this kind, and solar storms will increase in frequency and intensity towards the end of the activity, in 2012.
Moreover, in 2013, the Earth will be hit by devastating solar explosions because the Sun will reach the maximum of its power. This solar explosion will most probably cause disasters at energetic level in the whole world. The effects of solar storms had a major impact in 1859. By that time, the storm affected the telegraphic networks, which went out of service completely. The solar storm is known under the name “Carrington Event”, according to the astronomer Richard Carrington, who analysed the phenomena.

Solar Storms 2013
Solar Storms 2013

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