Devastating Hurricane Irene

USA has been recently affected by the powerful hurricane Irene. The tropical storm Irene made at least 32 deceased victims on the Eastern Coast of USA. Many American states were highly affected by the hurricane Irene, leading to the death of six persons in New York, another six in North Carolina and Pennsylvania and many others in New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida and Vermont. This catastrophe was produced by the fall of the trees, the numerous car accidents and waters, that took the victims away.
Last Saturday, the hurricane Irene reached the shore in North Carolina and turned into a tropical storm on Sunday. The Police from New York confirmed the death of a 68 year old man, who had 13 children and who was found dead after he checked the status of his boat. It is very likely that many other victims should be found dead in Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
The hurricane Irene had also negative consequences for the economy, too, because all airports were closed and almost 370.000 Newyorkers were summoned to evacuate the flooded areas. Because of its power, Irene can be considered a category 1 hurricane, moving with about 120 km/h. This also led to electricity cuts in very many states. President Barack Obama asserted that this natural phenomena might be the most serious in history.

Hurricane Irene Live Consequences - Source
Hurricane Irene Live Consequences – Source

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