Danube Delta, Romania’s Richness

It is a pity to go to Romania and visit it without ‘passing by’ the Danube Delta, a paradisiac area, that few countries in the world feel fortunate to have. The Danube springs in Germany’s Black Forest and flows through 10 countries Germany , Austria , Slovakia , Hungary, Croatia , Serbia , Bulgaria , Romania , Moldova and Ukraine. It is situated in the eastern part of Romania, next to the Black Sea and it is divided into three arms: Chilia, Sulina and Sfantu Gheorghe (St. George). Its territory hosts approximately 15,000 people, which occupy themselves mostly with fishing, sheep and cattle breeding.

Before reaching the sea, the Danube Delta forms the second largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas: 2,200 square miles of rivers, canals and marshes. But what is basically this Danube Delta? First of all, it is the only delta in the world which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has a surface of 2239 mi², which is 2,5 % of Romania ’s surface and it is the third delta after Volga’s and Kuban. It can be considered a natural open-air museum with 30 types of ecosystems 325 species of birds, 1689 flora species and 3448 fauna species among which mollusk – 86 species , insects – 2219 species , fishes – 125 species. It was formed over a period of more than 10,000 years and cotinues to grow due to the 67 million tons of alluvia deposited every year by the Danube River.

If you have decided to set off to the Danube Delta, then take into account the following amazing tours:
Route no. 1: Tulcea – Canalul Mila 35 – Girla Sireasa – Girla Sontea – Canalul Olguta – Dunarea Veche – Mila 23 sat – Crisan

Route no. 2: Tulcea – Canalul Litcov – Canalul Crisan – Caraorman – Hotelul Lebada – Maliuc – Tulcea

Route no. 3: Tulcea – Maliuc – Hotelul Lebada – Canalul Crisan – Caraorman – Lacul Puiu – Popas BTT Rosu – Lacul Rosu – Împutita – Canalul Busurca – Sulina – Tulcea

Route no. 4: Murighiol – Canalul Dunavat – Canalul Dranov – Golful Holbina – Lacul Razim – Gura Portitei

Route no. 5: Jurilovca – Gura Portitei

Route no. 6: Hotel Lebada – Dunarea Veche – Channel Eracle – Girla Lopatna – Channel Lopatna – Lake Trei Iezere

Route no. 7: Hotel Lebada – Dunarea Veche – Channel Magearu – Dunarea Veche – Bratul Sulina – Hotel Lebada

Route no. 8: Tulcea – Chilia Veche on the route: Tulcea – channels: Mila 36 – Sireasa – Sontea – Razboinita – Stipoc – Pardina – Chilia Veche

Route no. 9: Chilia tour: loc. Chilia Veche – brat Chilia – bratul Babina – brat Cernovca – channel Sulimanca – LakeMerheiu Mic – Lake Merhei – Lake Matita – Lake Babina – channel Radacinoasele – channel Pardina – Chilia Veche

Route no. 10: Sf. Gheorghe Tour: Sf. Gheorghe -channels: Zaton – Buhaz – Palade –Crasnicol – brat Sf.Gheorghe – Sf. Gheorghe

Route no. 11: Sulina –Periprava, on the route: Sulina – can. Cardon – can. Sfistofca – Periprava

Route no. 12: Sulina- Periprava, on the route: Sulina – can. Cardon – Golful Musura – bratul Musura – bratul Stambulul Vechi – brat Chilia – Periprava

Route no. 13: Uzlina – can. Uzlina – lacurile: Uzlina si Isac – channel Isac 3 – gârla Perivolovca – brat Sf. Gheorghe – Uzlina – lake Isac- channel Isac 2- channel Litcov – channel Ceamurlia – channel Crisan – brat Sulina

Danube Delta Landscape
Danube Delta Landscape

Danube Delta
Danube Delta

Sunset in Danube Delta
Sunset in Danube Delta

The Danube Delta, Romania
The Danube Delta, Romania

The Danube Delta
The Danube Delta

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