Dangerous Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, a very big, interesting and important city under many aspects, has also a ‘dark’ side a visitor has to learn about before departing. It is a known fact that Rio is a very dangerous destination. You have to take precautions with the trained gangs and picker pockets. Do not leave your valuable things next to you while laying in the sun. Pay very much attention to a very often encountered trick, called Good Night Cinderella. This is performed by a man or woman, who proves to be a very friendly person and puts some sleeping drugs in your drink. Then, he or she follows you to your hotel and steals all your jewellery. You may be accidentally spilt on in the street by another person.

Dangerous Rio
Dangerous Rio
Just walk away and don’t let someone else to help you clean yourself. This is the best opportunity for thieves to take your wallet. Never fight back if your happen to be face to face with a criminal. They may have very dangerous weapons. If it happens to be a victim of any kind, do not go to the police officers in the street, but to the tourist police (DEAT), which is situated in Leblon, on Av. Afrânio de Mello Franco s/n, across from nightclub Scala. Be aware, don’t bribe them. Things may get worse. While in a night club, stay away from the pitboys. They are called so because of their pitbulls, their groups are made only from boys and they are very violent with security guards or other pitboy groups. When it comes to traveling inside the city, don’t take a regular bus alone, but if you do so, avoid windows and back rows and keep the exact change in your hand, not to take out your wallet.

Insure all your electronic devices like cameras, laptops. Wear a shoulder strap for your camera, otherwise, it can be easily stolen. Avoid Flamengo Park or Financial District at night. As cash is concerned, do not take more than you need and use ATMs only at selected banks. So, travel smartly because Rio becomes dangerous if you want to make it so. Here, you are either very rich or very poor.

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