Costs and Standards of Living in Singapore

Singapore is one of the best destinations and towns to live or travel to because it is considered the 32nd town in the world, with the lowest corruption rate. It is easily comparable to North America and Western Europe in matter of standards of living. This being said, politics, society, economy, health, personal safety, public services and many more were the criteria according to which Singapore was counted in the top of the best places in the world. People generally live in condominiums or flats because of the relatively low quality of land. However, almost every home is equipped according to the latest standards, where modern amenities are something common. With respect to personal safety, well, Singapore is a very good city to live in because here crime rates are very low. If you want to move to Singapore and also have kids, then you must also consider tuition fees here, for instance, international schools will charge from $6,000 to over S$20,000 per year.

If you are a foreigner in Singapore, then renting an apartment will not be a hard time for you, because the government is open to people coming from outside, also seeking for work. Food is another important topic of discussion. It is good to know that sea food is quite usual here and if you want to dine out, then don’t worry, you can also enjoy a good meal at relatively good prices. Of course, cooking at home is another alternative which will save your budget. Transportation in Singapore is another cost of living, which many can afford because, depending on the complexity of your ticket, you can pay from from $20 – $150 per month.

Cost of Living in Singapore - Source
Cost of Living in Singapore – Source

Standard of Living in Singapore - Source
Standard of Living in Singapore – Source

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