Colosseum Mall – The Biggest Mall in Europe to be Opened in Romania

Colosseum Mall will be the greatest shopping center in Europe, after its British counterpart. The grand project will be ready in about 2 years. The biggest mall in Romania and in Europe, Colosseum Mall will be opened in two stages and it will be situated in the North-west part of the Romanian capital, Bucharest, in Chitila. This autumn the first part of this shopping centre will be ready after only one year of construction. Famous brands will be available in Colosseum Mall on the moment this great centre will be ready, for instance, Leroy Merlin, Carrefour Hypermarket and many more. The most interesting part of Colosseum Mall, the biggest shopping centre in Europe will be all thr 480 stores displayed on a 137,000 square meters surface, which will include many restaurants, cinemas, bowling lanes and most important, the three shopping streets: Via Milano, Corso Capri and Bellini Avenue.
It is incredible how so many stores will be open in quite a relatively short time. This is due to the total investment amount, which rises to about 350 million euros, but, which will create very many working places for the local citizens, that is about 5,000 jobs.
It will be easy to reach Colosseum Mall by all means of transportation because local authorities are working on the two new underground road crossings. Moreover, trams, buses and taxis will be available from any point in Bucharest. However, if you come by your personal car, then don’t worry about parking because there will be more than 10,000 parking places dedicated to the biggest mall in Europe, Colosseum Mall.

Biggest Mall in Europe - Source
Biggest Mall in Europe – Source

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