Christmas Season at Starbucks

We have to admit, Christmas Advent is great at Starbucks! Flavours, smells, all you can wish for are for sale at Starbucks. And this is not everything, if you want to have a souvenir or a cup to drink from at home, which might remind you of the special moments spent at the cafeteria, then buy yourself one item from the long list of specially designed for Starbucks items. In 2011, Starbucks brings in for its clients very precious and absolutely delicious drinks you shouldn’t miss, even if you are not a declared fan o this coffee shop. These collectibles can be filled in with the 2011 Starbucks Christmas blend, an unique coffee flavor which can never be forgotten! This unique taste of coffee and warm tea will definitely amaze everyone. If you don’t drink coffee then, no problem, you must try the Starbucks Christmas Tea flavor – dark, green or with fruit. The fruit tea tastes incredibly well! It has cream, cinnamon and many spices. Many flavors that used to be on last year are now available, for instance, Espresso Roast version of Christmas Blend, Caramel Brulee Latte. Anyway, Starbucks is worth seeing and trying this year too, and if you are now convinced about it, then come along!

Christmas 2011 at Starbucks - Peppermint, Toffee Nut or Dark Cherry - Source
Christmas 2011 at Starbucks – Peppermint, Toffee Nut or Dark Cherry – Source

Christmas 2011 at Starbucks - Source
Christmas 2011 at Starbucks – Source

Starbucks 2011 Cups - Source
Starbucks 2011 Cups – Source

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