Christmas Package Offers in London Eye

Have you come back from your summer holiday? Well, maybe this isn’t the great period to think of a future destination, but, although winter holidays are far away from here (and now), you might want to consider the best place for your winter holidays in 2011. What about a Brittish taste? What can be more interesting and catchy for a tourist than spending his winter holidays this year in London, more precisely, in London Eye. A quite exquisite attraction some may say, but local authorities have already considered launching the London Eye Christmas Package Offers. Therefore, spending Christmas 2011 in London Eye will bring you the pure flavour of the winter holidays at high altitude. The London Eye Christmas 2011 package includes a double rotation of the wheel, while guests will enjoy five types of fine champagne. Moreover, visitors can choose a true winter warmer with the Mulled Wine Experience. All the serving will be very luxurious and elegant, everything being prepared by a private host. All capsules are different. If you go there with your lover, then go to the Mistletoe Cupid’s Capsule of London Eye. The ticket includes the EDF Energy London Eye 4D Experience, too. This experience in London Eye is based on a film containing the first ever 3D aerial photography over London.

Christmas Package Offers in London Eye - Source
Christmas Package Offers in London Eye – Source

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