Chocolate Festival in England 2011-2012 Edition

Another great and sweet festival in Europe has been announced – Chocolate Festival – which will take place both in 2011 and 2012. The first edition will take place in London between 9th of December and 11th of December, followed by Brighton next year, between 17th of March 2012 and 18th of March 2012. The last part of Chocolate Festival in England will be hosted by Oxford between 24th of March and 25th of March 2012. In London, Chocolate Festival its waiting for its chocolate enthusiasts for free, because there is no charge for the entrance. There, guests can sample the chocolate delights prepared by talented cooks. You can also talk to Britain’s best artisan chocolate producers and find out more about the benefits of chocolate, because chocolate does have benefits! Chocolate Festival will be open in London between 11am-8pm on Friday and Saturday and 11am-6pm on Sunday and it will take place in Southbank Centre Square (Behind Royal Festival Hall), on Belvedere Road. Chocolate Festival 2012 from Oxford will be as well a very appreciated event of the kind because master chocolatiers such as Damian Allsop and Paul Wayne Gregory. Because Chocolate Festival will be around Easter next year, guests will have the opportunity to buy delicious gifts for family and friends.

Chocolate Festival 2011-2012 London Brighton Oxford - Source
Chocolate Festival 2011-2012 London Brighton Oxford – Source

Chocolate Festival London 2011 - Source
Chocolate Festival London 2011 – Source

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