Cheapest Airlines in the World 2011

eDreams has recently revealed the most important ranking for airline companies in the world in 2011. Travelers are always in search for budget airline tickets, cheap international flights. This classification is meant to outline last year cheapest airlines in the world. Check out the rankings and infographic at the eDreams Cheap Flights Airlines Study. eDreams is the one of the most important companies on the market, because it provides the best airline tickets, at very good rates. eDreams made public today the list of the 50 airlines taking into account the price per 100 miles. According to the study, Vietnamese Jetstar Pacific (BL) is the world’s cheapest airline per mile at €8.55 per 100 miles, followed by Monarch from UK, with €9.61 and the Romanian airline company Blue Air, with €10.43 per 100 miles. According to eDreams’ Chief Marketing Officer, Mauricio Prieto, “Many airlines claim to be inexpensive and these rankings give us a different insight into which are the cheapest airlines per mile flown”. This top list of budget airline companies resulted from the analysis initiated by eDreams, taking pricing data from all their flight bookings in 2011 into consideration.
It is also good to know that eDreams is among the best travel agencies in Europe, offering high quality services for its customers from Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, UK and many other operations, but also in providing the best accommodation, which is a plus in booking a holiday.


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