Cheap Hotels in Milan

Italy’s Milan conjures up some grandiose images: strong Gothic architecture, world class opera, internationally-recognised museums and art galleries, and last but not least, a capital of fashion and design. Yet while Milan might appear to be one location that’s out of reach for the budget-minded traveler, there are quite a few beautiful–and budget–hotels that fit a budget traveler’s needs perfectly. These cheap hotels in Milan put you in the center of the city’s action, and leave you with enough lire to enjoy the sights and attractions.

Piazza del Duomo (“Cathedral Square”), also known as simply “Duomo,” is the main city square in Milan. In this area, Hotel Pavone offers brilliant accommodations. It has a prime location in the city centre, just a ten minute walk from the world famous Milan Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in the world. Also nearby is the Museo Poldi Pezzoli, home of the famous Milan art collector. Go here to see Botticelli’s Madonna, jewelry, stained glass, and other stunning pieces. Hotel Pavone offers 24 spacious rooms and is on public transportation lines.

The Stazione Centrale area centers around “Milano Centrale,” Milan’s main train station and a major European hub. Regarded as one of grandest European train stations, it is a blend of liberty and art deco style architecture, full of sculptures. In this area, the newly built Hotel Stazione provides lodging steps away from the station. With simplistic, modern decor and top notch service, this hotel is a great place to stay.

The Citta Studi district is home to multiple technical and scientific universities; its name literally translates to “city of the studies.” Major attractions in this sector include the Orto Botanico di Cascina Rosa, a University of Milan operated botanical garden; Politecnico di Milano, the largest technical university in Italy; and the Milan Conservatory. If you’re particularly interested in the offerings of Citta Studi, consider Hotel San Giovanni. It is a family-run establishment in a residential area that is simple and well-located, with a highly rated confectionery nearby and on transit lines. This hotel has been ranked especially high for younger people.

Brera is an area of Milan particularly well suited for strolling. North of Duomo, Brera is characterized by picturesque, narrow streets with boutiques and shops below and overheard flats. This is a trendy, pricey area to live in, which makes for good photography opportunities and people watching. This district is home to Pinacoteca Brera, one of Milan’s best art museums. Consider staying at Hotel Losanna, a functional hotel at an impeccable rate for its location.

Milan is home to beautiful buildings and world-renowned art that are worth a fortune–but you don’t need a fortune to visit this luxurious European city. Cheap hotels in Milan do exist, even in prime locations and with helpful staff and clean amenities.

Cheap Hotels in Milan - Hotel Stazione
Cheap Hotels in Milan – Hotel Stazione

Cheap Hotels in Milan
Cheap Hotels in Milan

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