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A Journey on The Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian is the longest continuous rail line on earth, with a 6000 miles length, over one third of the globe. Basically, this journey consists of sitting down and admiring the view. There are many stops in many Russian cities, so that passengers can create their own tours. The Railway journey is set off from East to West, but it is not unusual to do that viceversa. The most common route chosen by travelers is Trans-Siberian line, which runs from Moscow to Vladivostok, passing through Yaroslavl on the Volga, Exaterinburg in the Urals, Irkutsk near Lake Baikal’s southern extremity, and then Khabarovsk. If you want to go on, you can choose traveling by ferry to Niigata, on the west coast of Japan.

A second route is Trans-Mongolian line which coincides with the Trans-Siberian as far as the Buddhist enclave of Ulan Ude on Baikal’s eastern shore. From Ulan-Ude more »

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Private Jets – Necessity or Whim?

Nowadays, being as quick as possible can make you save a fortune – both money and time. Having a private jet or maybe renting one has become a more and more common acquisition, of course, still for the ones who afford paying the real price for it. Think a little – how about skipping queues at check-in, then the time before getting on the plane, before taking off and after landing when you have to take your luggage back. Quite a long time lost, instead of having rest or staying with your family and friends enjoying the time together. One question can come across our minds – why do rich people choose to spend fortunes on this type of travelling instead of flying with more »

The World’s Worst Airports

One can easily say that airports are the gate to speed. But, however, there should also be taken into account the following issues like: flights missed at high cost, terminal delays, rudeness, body searches at Customs, missed connections, the endless queues, lost luggage, and why not, the bomb alerts which make you truly shiver with cold. One can also add the long check-in duration, or the discomfort you might feel on board, like air pressurisation or mashed hand luggage. And this, in some of the most famous airports in the world.

Two years ago, some surveys proved that the airports London Heathrow and Chicago O’Hare are not quite easy to navigate, the lavatories are untidy and the parking facilities are not the expected ones. more »