Canals, Bicycles and Coffee Shops

Post written by Kate Robinson.
One of the first things I noticed when I arrived at Amsterdam train station was the biggest collection of bikes I had ever seen. If you are flying to Amsterdam you will probably see something similar when you arrive at the airport. If you would like to visit Amsterdam, you should easily find cheap flights to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport as it is the main gateway to the country. In fact, Amsterdam is easy to get to from other destinations in Europe as easyJet low cost airline offers lots of routes.
I really enjoyed my stay in Amsterdam, but perhaps it can be quite shocking at first for some travellers. All I can say is prepare yourself for what you would not expect. Take the “coffee shops” for example. It took me a while to get used to the idea that they are not actually coffee shops…..although it is possible to get a coffee there if you ask for it. Another aspect which may come as a surprise to some tourists is the Red Light District. This area of Amsterdam is famous and many tourists go there to find out what it is really like. It can be quite shocking…
There are some more traditional tourist attractions in the city which I would highly recommend…such as the Anne Frank Museum where you can see her hiding place. This is one of my favourite memories of Amsterdam. I also enjoyed visiting the Van Gogh Museum and wandering around the canals seeing the old houses and beautiful architecture. To be honest, you don’t need to take public transport to get around the city. The best way to visit it is by foot as Amsterdam is so pretty you will want to take pictures on every street corner. Alternatively, you could hire a bike and discover the city in Dutch style. The city is very well adapted with bicycle lanes and lots of parking areas.

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