Bucharest Marathon 2012

Bucharest will host this year in October the great sport event called - Bucharest International Marathon 2012. At its fifth edition, the Marathon takes place on Sunday 7th of October and will start at about 9.30 A.M. when the weather conditions are considered to be the best.
If you would like to participate in the marathon or simply watch the runners, book an
international flight in order to get your best place in front. You can choose from various cheap flights to Bucharest and take this opportunity to enjoy a healthy show. If you want to be part of the runners team, then if you apply for the marathon individual, you will have to pay the fee of 33€, however, if you would like to run only half of the marathon, then you will pay 23€. Traffic will be closed and the area will be supervised by police. You will also have the chance to be photographed and you can later download the pic in exchange for 2 USD. All the competitors will be provided with drinks, energizers, coffee, everything they will need to feel strong. Food will be also available for buying. If you come from USA, then it is advisable to plan a 3 days vacation here. If you feel dizzy during the race, an ambulance will be present at each 5 km. The length of the marathon is 21.097 km/lap and there have to be done 2 (two) laps.
There are some minimum requirements for the participation – you have to be over 18, pay the
registration fee, provide an ID document and agree to bear the entire responsability for any
incident that may take place during the competition. Also, the participation fee includes a deposit and start bag, changing facilities, T-Shirt, refreshments, medical assistance, toilets, sponges.

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