Bucharest’s Second Largest Building in the World

Bucharest is an European attraction, which you can visit spending only very little money on the flight tickets. Romanian’s capital is worth visiting especially in spring and summer, although late autumn can be warm as well. It is not a cheap capital but also not a very expensive one. Booking in advance guarantee you cheap flights to Bucharest. The people are very warm and friendly here. You can enjoy the numerous ways of spending your holiday – museums, cinemas, sightseeings, shopping, theatres, cafes, cultural centres. The means of transportation ensure you the arrival in the most important points of the capital. Take your camera and some comfortable shoes and simply enjoy what life brings for the people here.
Avery popular attraction in Bucharest is People’s House or the current House of Parliament. It was built during Nicolae Ceausescu’s time, and it was designed for him and his family in order to serve as home.
A very interesting fact about the Romanian House of Parliament is that the building is the second largest office building in the world and the third largest in volume after the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The opulence in People’s House is visible everywhere because the chandeliers have about 7,000 bulbs. The House of Parliament has 12 floors, 3100 rooms and it occupies a 330.000 sq meters surface.
Visiting the building can be made both individually or accompanied by a guide, for whom, you need, however, to make an appointment. Leaving Bucharest leaves behind the idea to visit it again because of the numerous beauties and things to be discovered – night life or day life – the town always welcomes its tourists and surprises them with its historic air.


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