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Drive Safe, Spend Safe

Ignoring warning signs that your car is not running smoothly might seem easier than taking it to the garage, but could potentially put you and other drivers at risk or leave you with hefty mechanic or insurance costs. Now you can play it safe with the new Carhiremarket guide Drive Safe, Spend Safe.

From spongy brake pedals to a stiff steering wheel, this handy guide covers a range of motoring malfunctions and can be printed out and kept in your glove compartment for times when you need quick and efficient advice.

Download the guide free here and make sure you’re aware of the signs to look out for in your car!

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A Budget Trip to Vienna

Vienna is considered among the most expensive European capitals and not only – Austria is on the 13th place among the most expensive countries in the world. Therefore, a budget trip is always welcome. First of all, you should carefully book your flight in advance at very good rates. Flights to Vienna are now very affordable. As soon as you have landed in Vienna, you can take the Schnell Bahn (S-Bahn), which is the local train and is much cheapier than the CAT green train. You will pay only 4 EUR/way. If you want to take the U-Bahn or Metro from the city centre, then you have to stop at Wien Mitte, the central station, where all transfer trains stop. A good tip for your budget is to buy food from the local supermarkets – there are very many chains in Vienna – Billa, Spar, Merkur. However, please note that they are usually open from Monday to Saturday from about 9 A.M. to 18 or maybe 19. But, if you need something to buy from a supermarket on Sunday, don’t worry, you have two central possibilities to do this – at West Bahnhof the Merkur supermarket is open everyday from 5 A.M. to 23 and Billa at Praterstern Station is open from 6 A.M. to 21.
Also, if you drink a lot of water, take care to buy it from these stores, as it might be very expensive if you buy it from the Schonbrunn Palace, for instance. If you are in Vienna for a weekend, then it is very good if you buy the Vienna Card – it includes transportation for bus, tram, U Bahn and S Bahn for 72 hours from the moment you validate the tickets. Also, you get important discounts from museums and other attractions. If you would like to enjoy a cup of coffee, then avoid the central cafes and restaurants. As a tip, you can have a grand cup of coffee at Mc Donald’s, it is very tasty and strong!
Accommodation must be booked several months in advance in order to get the best rates. If you are on a tight budget, another tip is to save money by not buying too many souvenirs from the museums neighbourhood. You will find very nice items at local stores, and not in the city centre. Vienna is worth seeing all year round, but summer is the best time to enjoy the local atmosphere, a pleasant walk in the evening along the commercial streets or in some of the most famous parks.

Budget Trip to Vienna
Budget Trip to Vienna

Madam Tussauds Vienna

A visit at Madam Tussauds Museum is always a pleasure! There are numerous flights available everyday to Vienna. From the airport you have two convenient options to reach the city centre in no time – either by CAT – the green transfer train or by S Bahn. I’d recommend taking the S Bahn if you are on a tight budget because you will only pay 4 EUR / person / way. Booking a cheap flight to Vienna will also cost you little. If you buy a Vienna Card, then you can travel by any means of transportation and also get important discounts for the sights. Madame Tussaud Museum in Vienna is located right at the entrance of Prater Park.
You can enjoy a couple of hours inside because the wax figures are so real, that you have the sense you touch the stars! Right at the entrace, Arnold Schwarzenegger will welcome you with a wide smile. Then, flashes all over will make you feel a star next to Kate Winslet. Then, the visit goes on with Freud, Barack Obama or Ghandi. The British Royal Family is also a must “to photo”.
Singers, actors, writers or religious figures, all are a point of attraction for the visitors. You can stand next to them, you are allowed to take photos and even play the piano next to the famous music figures in Vienna! You can sit next to Will Smith or join Robbie Williams on the comfortable couch. If you are a fan of Lady Gaga, then take this opportunity to take a photo with your idol. Before leaving the museum, don’t forget to buy yoursefl a souvenir. They are all very glittery and
catchy – the plastic glasses are a must this season!

Prince William at Madam Tussauds Vienna
Prince William at Madam Tussauds Vienna

Barack Obama - Madam Tussauds Museum Vienna
Barack Obama - Madam Tussauds Museum Vienna