Argentina Train Crash Kills over 50, more than 550 People Injured

Today in Buenos Aires a horrible train accident took place when a commuter train plowed into a barrier at a station as running into it at a spped of 20 km/h. According to the local authorities, there are hundreds of people stuck in the coaches, let alone the 550 people injured and more than 50 people killed. According to the police, the train, which transported about 2.000 people, has encountered serious problems with the brakes. “Never in my life had I seen anything like this,” Transportation Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi told reporters hours after the morning rush-hour accident. Moreover, Schiavi added that “The accident is very serious.” The coaches hit one another increasing the power of the impact. ” Everything is recorded and it will be analyzed.”

Argentina Train Crash Victims 2012
Argentina Train Crash Victims 2012

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