Algarrobo, Chile

Post written by Kate Robinson.
I recently booked American Airlines flights to Chile for the first time. I was going out to visit some family who live there so they managed to point me in the right direction when it came to sightseeing. My flights arrived in Santiago which is the main point of arrival in the city if you are travelling from afar. I spent a few days in the capital before heading to the coast. If you read tourist guides on Chile, they all tell you to visit Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. Yes, these coastal cities are worth visiting. However, if you want quieter beaches where the sea is safe for swimming (and slightly warmer) you should head to Algarrobo. In fact, I fell in love with this coastal town.
Algarrobo is about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car from Santiago and it is the perfect destination for a quiet weekend at the seaside away from the crowds of tourists and big shops in Viña.

We stayed in a quaint little hotel called Hotel Medio Mundo. To be honest, it was quite expensive. We paid $65.000 Chilean pesos for the night and our room was better than a hostel. But only just – I was expecting more. In top hotels in the city of Santiago you would pay this. However, it was clean, comfortable, quiet and right on the seafront. Breakfast and a complimentary drink were included in the price. I would recommend it because it is probably the best thing in the area and I would use it again. If you want the ultimate luxury experience you should rent an apartment at San Alfonso del Mar, renowned for having the biggest swimming pool in the world.

During the day, we lay out on the beach and hired kayaks for CLP$2.000 for half an hour. That was the highlight. We also went on a boat trip for CLP$1.500 each which was fun. The promoters claim that they are taking you to an island, but it is fact just a tour of the coast. You get to see penguins and it is dirt cheap considering it lasts about 30 minutes.

If you want to eat well you should head to Algarrobo market for all sorts of fish dishes.

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  1. Stanley the swimming pool heat pump guy says:

    It sounds like a nice trip. Could you show some photos of hotel Medio Mundo?

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