New Trend – Airplane Parties!

Are you traveling a lot by plane or are you only a ‘from time to time’ passenger? It doesn’t matter anymore because the latest trend in the domain is represented by parties in airplanes. It may sound very catchy so why not give it a try? It is fun, easy and pleasand to organise, no matter the age of the person celebrated – kids will adore this party idea! Organising an airplane party is something uncommon for most parents but this shouldn’t become an issue. First, you have to ask yourself a simple question – why does your child like airplanes so much? Is it because he wants to become a pilot or is it just because the plane is the fastest means of transportation. Taking the answer into deep consideration, start planning the airplane party instantly.

David Guetta Mixing During a Party Plane
David Guetta Mixing During a Party Plane
Moreover, food is also vital for such an outstanding party. You should choose airplane shape sandwiches, cookies. For instance, to present them in a fun way, lay a bunch of cotton balls or cotton snow on a platter or large plate. Cover it with blue saran wrap. The birthday cake should also have a plane decoration upon. Invitations are also crucial in planning an airplane party because this is their first contact with such an activity. Create a ticket-invitation, that is create an invitation, that is ticket-like. The “first-class guest” is also a must. Try to include all the necessary information a common airplane ticket includes to male things real.

During the airplane party, children will definitely enjoy playing all sorts of games, such as paper airplane throwing contest, airplane obstacle course or maybe pilor’s punch.At the end of your party, if your budget allows you, you can offer each little guest a souvenir or a small present, such as mini airplane toys, for example, made up from plastic. Model planes and gliders are usually very inexpensively, you can find model airplanes or gliders that the kids can put together.
Sweets are also something children love, so why not offer them specially designed candies? All these will make an unforgettable party for your child and his guests.However, adults should under no circumstance be left out. The idea of airplane party is brand new. However, David Guetta, one of the best trance djs in the world, was the special guest, who mixed for his public in a Vueling flight during a flight from Paris to Ibiza.

Having Fun During an Airplane Party
Having Fun During an Airplane Party

Party Plane Ideas - Food
Party Plane Ideas – Food

Party Plane
Party Plane

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  1. scotd says:

    I don’t want to be a wet blanket here, but this sounds pretty awful for the environment. Seems like airlines need to behave a bit more thoughfully.

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