Airline System Changes After the Tragedy in September 2001

The tragedy that changed the history in 2001, after the terrorist attacks led to major changes and new regulations in airports for the passengers’ security. However, all companies in the world, especially in US recorded a great loss after losing passengers who changed their mind and decided not to travel by plane so often. All this loss was reinforced by the already present crisis in the airline system due to the pricy flight tickets. During the years, after 2001, many important companies reduced their services in very many airports, such as Delta Air Lines or US Airways.
New regulations were imposed in all airports in order to increase the safety procedures. For instance, passengers are not allowed to carry forks or knives at all anymore. After these new changes, there were some airline companies, such as Mexicana Airlines, which didn’t want to adopt the new measures, so that left this industry. Moreover, introducing additional fees for the airplane tickets, for instance, booking fee, luggage fee, security fee, all added to the ticket price, so that passengers had to pay much more. As a consequence, very many passengers chose to carry only a hand luggage instead of a big luggage. In general, the passengers traffic decreased since 2001 by 2,7%.

Airport Measures Changing After 9.11 2011 - Source
Airport Measures Changing After 9.11 2011 – Source

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