Air Travel Enemies – From Terrorists to Pilots

The distances also improved, that is the number of kilometers grew year by year. Planes became during time the safest means of transportation of all the machines invented by humans. The passengers’ safety became vital because the pilot errors, meteorological conditions and terrorism made, to different levels, hundreds of victims in just one flight. The weather forecast is vital for pilots because in 1952, on January, 10 in Great Britain a DC3 plane belonging to “Air Lingus” crashed because of the faulty weather. After taking off, the pilot was allowed to go another 700 metres high. After some time later, the pilot asked for the permission to land. But after this last call the airplane disappeared and the radars could not keep in touch with it anymore. Because of a high degree of turbulence, the plane was pushed, by the ascending-descending currents in the Welsh Mountains.

Crashed plane
Crashed plane
The pilot did not realise that above Ireland his plane was derived with more than 30 km away from the route. This catastrophe could have been avoided if the pilot had informed himself properly in matter of weather in that area. Air terrorism has made very many victims until now, because hundreds of planes crashed. For instance, in 1967, a powerful explosion destroyed the hold of the Boeing-727 plane belonging to “American Airlines”. The aircraft came from Chicago to San Diego and only one chance made the pilots and passengers land safely.
Another cause for the plane accidents are lightnings.

In 1963, in USA, a Boeing 707 plane belonging to “Pan American” had 73 passengers and 8 crew members.
Burning plane
Burning plane
In less than 20 minutes from taking off, the plane reached the radiomarker near Delavare being about to follow the air route towards South, where the Eastern coast of the continent was affected by a powerful storm. The Philadeplhian control center warned the pilots not to fly at more than 1500 metres. However, in just a few seconds, the aircraft was hit and set on fire. The pilot only had time to send the SOS signal ‘Mayday’, which means ‘danger on bord’.

It may seem incredible but there were cases when pilots themselves endangered the passengers’ lives. The cause of such tragedies was, unfortunately, the consumption of alcohol because the pilot came directly from a party that had lasted one night long. Modern aviation tends to reduce the risk of an accident. In the above described cases, an event was likely to occurr.

Airplane Crash
Airplane Crash

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  1. Clifford Udems says:

    Honestly, the rate at which plane crashes these days is so alarming! What happened to the Polish president & the prominent team of that country left everyone in great fear. Can one still travel without first eating out one’s heart? What’re the assurance from our modern scientists? Can rigid solutions be offered? Pls I wana know! thanks.

  2. Serial Keira says:

    Keep up the nice text, added to my ie rss.

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