Accommodation in a Tree

Imagine that this fussy world still has many quiet places, surrounded by natural, peace and solitude. This is what many of us desire, at least a couple of days a year, a short period for recharging our batteries. Such a paradisiac place is Bangkok and it is simply called “Green Lung of Bangkok,” Here, in Bang Ka Chao, everyone lives peacefully, in accordance with the laws of nature. However, local citizens are interested in sharing this unique moments with foreigners or just people interested in this way of living. So, they have thought of creating the concept of Bangkok Tree House, which is due to open this year in November. Basically, the Bangkok Treehouse has 12 suites to which guests will arrive by boat. What is interesting, is that each suite is surrounded by woods, where tourists can enjoy the coconut plantations. Other things that can be visited in the neighbourhood are a floating market, organic farms and orchards, Thai cooking schools, handmade incense workshops and ancient temples built by Mon immigrants more than a century ago.
Living eco or bio as well as eco travelling has emerged among the standard concepts of traveling making more and more enthusiasts everyday. So, eco tourists, if you want to experience a brand-new experience, very close to nature, but however, at high standards, you should try one of the tree houses in Bangkok!

Modern Tree House - Source
Modern Tree House – Source

Tree House Bangkok - Source
Tree House Bangkok – Source

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