A weekend in Paris-on a budget

Post written by Kate Robinson.

Paris is the destination of destinations. It is France’s snooty capital. But let’s not deny that it is one place that everyone wants to visit. But the question is…..Is it possible to visit Paris on a budget? That is what I asked myself. Okay….so you have 100 euros to spend over the whole weekend in Paris. Flights and accommodation are not included in the budget. Can it be done? I managed it and so can you.
After a long flight to Paris I arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport early morning.

Train ticket from Airport to City Centre: €6.90

Having checked in at my hostel and settled in, I set out to discover the rest of the city with €93.10 in my back pocket.

Getting around the city was cheap as I only paid €3.00 the whole weekend. How? I used Paris’ popular bike sharing system, Vélib. By paying €1 per day you can hire a bike from the stands located all over the city, for 30 minutes at a time, as many times as you like in one day. This was the best way to travel around the city without spending a fortune. Make sure to leave the bike off after 30 minutes or you will be charged a small fine. It isn’t very much…but the longer you take the bike for, the higher the fine is per half hour. Be warned!

At lunch time I ate a lot. I had lunch at a little restaurant on the Rue Mouffetard and it was only €10 including the tip. The same menu is more than double the price in the evening so my advice is to have a big lunch and snack in the evening.

After lunch I visited the Louvre: a must-see at €10

In the evening I enjoyed a snack, a crepe and drink for just under €10.

Following the same eating arrangements I spent about €45 on breakfast, lunch and snacks on Saturday and Sunday. To cut the costs of eating down I bought snacks to nibble along the way from a local supermarket

This left me with just €8.20 (€15.10 minus €6.90 for my return train ticket to the airport). So what did I do with so little money? Not very much! That wouldn’t even get you a ticket to the Eiffel Tower. To be honest the thing that I love about Paris is just wandering around taking pictures of the famous landmarks and taking in the atmosphere. I don’t think you need to have a huge budget to enjoy Paris. Just being there is good enough for me.

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