A Weekend in Paris on a Budget

Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting Paris yet, the famous city of lights, where the Eiffel Tour, Louvre Museum or Disneyland are a must see? However, money is an important issue nowadays so traveling to Paris, even at weekend, must be carefully planned. First of all, I have looked for cheap flights to Paris and I booked my plane ticket. Then, I looked for the weather forecast in order to take the most appropriate clothing with me. Afterwards, I was ready to set off.


On Friday morning, the plane landed on Beauvais Airport, about an hour away from Paris. But, there was no problem with that because the shuttle took me to the center of Paris for only €15/passenger/one way.

Just having arrived in Paris, I went to the hotel and then started my journey in the city at noon. The weather was very fine so, I decided to have a walk on Champs Elysees, I watched the beautiful landscape and then I headed to the end of the boulevard where the Arch of Triumph is situated. In the evening, I ate a very consistent dinner because restaurants have all kinds of offers – it is good to look for those fixed price menus.


Although I have always wanted to be part of the world of Disneyland, I took the RER train, €25 for a round trip and headed to the world of Disneyland Paris. However, it is good to know that you can save almost half of the ticket price if you buy your ticket online, in advance. I visited the two parks and had lunch in one of the fast-foods inside the “resort”. In the evening, after the closing parade, I took the RER train back to Paris. I have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower lit at night.


Although my flight was in the evening and my weekend was over, I still could not skip an important sightseeing – the Louvre Museum, which is opened in the first Sunday of the month in exchange for no entrance fee. Of course, this is true for the regular collections.

Taking into account the budget for this trip and most of all, the airline ticket for which I paid very little, I could say that traveling to Paris on a budget is very likely for everyone.

A Weekend in Paris
A Weekend in Paris

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